What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files which Internet sites place on your computer hard disk when you visit them for the first time.
A cookie is like a key which is unique to you. Its job is to create a link between your computer and a site and to tell the site that you are a returning visitor.
Cookies can help you to be more efficient and benefit from 'memory' functions such as when a site remembers your shopping basket from a previous visit.
Cookies enable you to store your preferences, to save products and services and to customise pages.

Strictly necessary cookies

Cookies which are essential for the management of your connection status.

Functional Cookies

These cookies enable an Internet site to remember your previous actions in order to provide you with advanced functionalities.
Analytical Cookies
These cookies enable us to collect data about your use of an Internet site in order to improve its performance and design.


Coesione e Intimità, una porta sull'oggi

Coesione e Intimità, una porta sull'oggi

Giornata sulla ricerca in psicoterapia organizzata dall'Associazione Italiana di Analisi Transazionale  


Sarà presente anche l'Itat alla giornata del 14 maggio 2022 a Padova  



Maggiori informazioni e modalità di iscrizione qui (al sito ufficiale dell'AIAT)

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